Friday, January 28, 2011

True Grit

Anyone who went to College knows that the Coen brothers are the best. It's definitely a better thing to say on line at Joe's coffee than Greg Berlanti, who did "Life as we Know it" which I saw on a plane, trust me.

One time I actually got to have coffee with Joel Coen. I don't remember what he said because the whole time all I heard was my voice shrieking "I'm having coffee with Joel Coen!" Also, I was just coming off of a kinda culty hallucinogen-fuelled stink in Maui and was pretty deep into conspiracy theories. So I was really amped to pitch my film idea, "Why is the Government Trying To Poison Me?" It was going to be topical and eye opening but also funny. Anyways he didn't bite or answer any further corespondance.

Regarding "True Grit", I definitely feel some Oscar vibration around this olde-timey dust-kicker. The Coen's take on the classic American pirate genre is refreshing and ripe for our times, where everyone admires pre-teen girls. Will Hailey Stienfield win for best actress? Probably not, but she might drive drunk a lot. Will Matt Damon be the cutest? Always.

That's all I've got for you folks! I didn't even see it! And "Pirates of the Caribbean" was better!

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