Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter 7.1

In this installment of the Harry Potter saga, Daniel Radcliff works really hard to be a “real” actor. Intense stares abound. Herminie comes into her own, pleasing billions of fans who’ve waited until it wasn’t creepy to call her hot. The red headed kid looks like he has allergies. And lots of English actors wear funny face make up. I’m in it for the paraphernalia and sense of comradery. How fun to dress as your favorite house!

Fiddler on the Roof

Not for children, but a fun and safe time with a partner you trust!

Sophie's Choice

The best way to understand a film of this nature if you haven’t seen it is to imagine yourself in the characters shoes. If I had to choose between my parents I choose my dad because he makes me laugh, but then my mom makes me feel better when I’ve been slighted. My dad would be so sad if I didn’t choose him, but my mom pays my phone bill. How horrible to think of Verizon now ?! I feel guilty and so sad. This films not a feel good flick.

Friday, November 19, 2010


A very depressing film, designed to make our parents feel like they aren't rapidly aging. Bruce Willis has his last on screen muscle-tee clad moments.

For Colored Girls

I feel like this movie just isn't for me. I was somehow more drawn to "The Virgin Suicides".


After drinking Ayuwaska, a hallucinogen used since ancient times by Amazonian shamans to heal the spirit and more recently by white people in Maui, this old lady said “It was just like Avatar!” So, I’m going to say that this movie was like puking, staring a tiny lion statue for a few hours, and then rubbing my face while crying and gently falling in love with myself. Go see it!

"Eat, Pray, Love"

Dont care.


This film is just like a dream I had where my new step-dad was chopping up my brother’s body in the backyard and then I saw someone naked (can’t say who) and he had no genitals! Ohemg it was so revelatory and also confusing.

"Love and Other Drugs"

This looks great if you like watching pretty people fall in love.