Monday, February 21, 2011

Blue Valentine

It’s really hard for me to write this review because every time I think about this film I want to go back to sleep or at least stuff myself with chocolate until I no longer feel. Imagine “The Notebook”, re-imagined as an indie with a soundtrack by Grizzly Bear and the camera-work less cinematic more “Kourtney and Kim” style real-life. “Blue Valentine” is a film an NPR listener can be proud to wipe their sloppy face on their shirt over. Finally, a thought-provoking tear-jerker. Of thoughts like, “Love is everything,” and “Whhhy???”  
Michelle Williams takes great advantage of her perma-I-just-stopped-crying-face while Gosling embodies the dream all-American boy-next-door that you never had because your neighbor was a skinny bald man who compulsively renovated his house for his dead mother while living in the garage. The twist ending- spoiler alert- everything beautiful dies. Ow. My heart hurts really bad. I felt like I was their happy child- whose parents didn't get divorced and steal each other's licence plates in fits of vindictive rage. But that illusion has been ripped away from me. I wish there was a hole inside my matress I could crawl inside.


  1. Hello Miss Brizzi, I would like to comment on your thoughts. Although I did not want to see this film, mainly because both Henri and I are in a long term relationship and the last thing we want to do in our spare time is go and watch a fake relationship fall apart, I walked to the cinema with a sense of trepidation, so much so we decided not to see it.

    Blue Valentine from what I have gathered from others is an essay type film on a certain type of relationship, which in the end, leaves you numb and bored. If I am honest, when I looked at the cinema listing, my heart got more excited by the idea of Yogi Bear than this, and that is really really bad.

    I recommend the documentary Inside Job.


  2. Hey Chris,
    I totes approve of the Yogi Bear over boredom and numbness. Re Inside Job- will it make me feel like I have do something? Because that's always a drag!

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