Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Rabbit Hole

My friends at Sarah Lawrence put on this play because the playwright David Lindsay-Adair went to SLC, along with Craig Lukas and Yoko Ono (rumored to have donated the Tofuti machine!). You all should have seen it. Daryl Elerby was so funny! We did improv together so I was like go do your thing girl! Oh, I forgot! To raise money they held a raffle and raffled off the most hilarious things! Katie O spent all her money for the once in a life-time opportunity to go out to Applebees and get drunk with Daryl in costume, pregnant belly and all! Can you imagine the funny reactions? And Applebees is so low class! Oh wow, College was just non-stop laughs hiding my insecurity! Now I'm lonely and insecure! But I'm laughing way harder, all the time, it actually hurts. 

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